Your Mission. Our Command.

Forager Systems


We are deep domain experts in the Industrial, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Energy, Transportation, and Advanced Manufacturing markets. The Forager Group is composed of people with a wide variety of professional backgrounds.  Some are former start-up entrepreneurs and CEOs. Some are former Department of Defense with careers as varied as Special Operations to Federal acquisition, FAR contracting, and program management experts. Some team mates are health care professionals and Ivy League executive placement gurus. Some, big data experts. All of us have been leaders. Because of who we are, where we have been, who, and what we know:

We are the Best in the World at What We Do. 


Forager Systems Incorporated is a Delaware "C" Corp. domiciled in Charleston, South Carolina. We coordinate our activities from a city which for over 350 years has been a key international center of commerce. This region is fast becoming a leading technology cluster for Aerospace & Defense, Cybersecurity, and Advanced Security Information Technology, Bio-medical and Energy Systems. Given South Carolina's historical connection to manufacturing, and maker community, we believe it will be a key network node for:

           The Third Industrial Revolution. 


We find, build, buy, and sell companies, properties, and technologies for our clients. We provide brokerage services, consulting, market research, and advocacy services that lead up to helping people or companies find, acquire, build, commercialize, scale, and sell small to middle market companies in the industries we serve. We do what we do through a distributed network of experts.  We have started, managed, and sold companies ourselves,  as well as advised founding teams in their own start-ups. In everything we do we promise:


                  Absolute Confidentiality.